Policies and Legal

Images – © Copyright 2012-2016 Dance in the Rain Photography/Photos By Anna, All Rights Reserved.

Please do not crop or edit images in any way.

Session Fees

No deposit is required, but full session fee is required before the sessions begins.


Rescheduling due to weather – at photographer’s discretion – will not effect your fees and may be done at anytime before or during the session.

Rescheduling from clients – Bookings can be rescheduled twice with at least 5 days notice. If rescheduling is done in less time then the required (5) days or rescheduled on the client’s part a third time, all session fees will be required upon booking date.

Session Start Time –  Sessions start at the time agreed upon the photographer and client. If the client is late the time will be deducted from the session.


When you receive the disk/USB/download of images, you have the printing rights to the images. Disks or images from the USB may not be copied for distrubtion.

The photographer will do their best to produce quality images with the environment provided. They cannot guarentee the cooperation of any of the participants in the photo session.

If the client is unhappy with the images provided the photographer will not supply a refund. Clients may re-book a session at a 50% discount.


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