About The Photographer

So glad that you are interested in my story. I will keep it as short as possible, but try to give you as many details as I can!

My name is Rayanna Tremblay. I have a wonderful husband and three dogs that are my furbabies.

Photo courtesy of Snow Pea Portraits

I always loved photography. I started with my dad’s Pentax film SLR when I was about 10. Very few of those images are clear let alone quality! I really found my passion for it in high school, although it took me many years to go anywhere with the passion.

Photography is only a part time passion, right now. I am working at a promotions company but am a teacher by trade.

I decided to create a business a slightly different way then most do. Like most photographers I have always preferred to be behind the camera. I started following some photographers on Facebook and one day I won a free session. I thought, well its free, so if its horrible I haven’t wasted any money. Brandy, from Living in a Moment Photography, made me feel fantastic. I have never felt so confident in front of a camera and I wanted to be able to share that same feeling with others. After a few “friend” and “furbaby” sessions I decided to delve into this as a business.

I am constantly learning and trying new things. Just because I don’t offer a session doesn’t mean I am not willing to try. Just ask! And I love to work with creative ideas!

Thank you for joining me and following on the journey!


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