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Being this little man’s aunt puts me in a special position. I get to see him all the time. Because of this, once a month I take some time with just the two of us to capture him as he grows. It gets photos for his parents and give us some time to bond.

It has been 11 years since I have had a niece or nephew this little and I am going to soak it all up 🙂

One Month Old

For Little Man’s (LM) one month session I tasked my husband (LM’s uncle) to grab me some cute blankets from his room. He came back with this great John Deere blanket. We all know LM is going to be a farmer so it seemed an appropriate blanket to use.

When I started editing the images I realized, by complete accident I had sat him in the “driver’s seat” on one of the tractors. We decided then and there that this blanket was going to be used for the whole year!

One Month Page 1

One Month Page 2

One Month Page 3

Two Months Old

Just before he turned two months, we went back out and spent some time with him. This time Grandpa wanted a few pictures with LM. We had some tummy time and you can see he is starting to turn mischievous already; a trait we are all sure comes from his dad.

And now that he is not a “new one” in the house, the cats have started to take over anything he hasn’t claimed as his own. And why not baby stuff is so soft and comfy. And what is the cat saying? “If it fits, I sits”.

2 Months Page 1

2 Months Page 3

2 Months Page 2

2 Months Page 4