Newborn Session JJV

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I am not known as a “baby” person.

I have nieces and nephews but, until this now they haven’t been babies in a long time. The youngest one I have is now 11. And I haven’t really held a newborn in about 19 years.

However my sister-in-law really wanted the super cute newborn photos. So I told her I would give it a shot. I even started to get super excited about it. I bought a super cute crown from Handcrafted Crowns and did lots of reading and was set… for the most part.

Jace 1

I am apparently quite nervous when it comes to the little ones. Really not sure how much to move him and if he was comfortable.

He was quite happy the whole time. He just lounged in the sun and soaked it all in. He didn’t make a noise the whole time! I was quite impressed.

Jace 2

Since there were still a few puppies in the house and Todd is such a good puppy we couldn’t resist getting some cute pictures with Todd and Jace.

It also helped I found the cutest picture for Jace’s room and brought it with me.

Jace 3

Jace 7

He was such a good baby! I couldn’t believe how smoothly this session went. I have heard that newborn sessions can be quite difficult. But not so with this little one. However, will it stay as he grows up? I highly doubt it.

While this was a great experience and I may do it again, I do prefer lifestyle newborn sessions. These capture the room, the environment and the everyday moments that happen. Once our session was done, one of the Grandmas and two of his other aunts arrived and I was able to grab a few of his room and their interactions with him.

Jace 5

I love the bottom photo with Grandma and Auntie. I love the picture inside the picture – as this Auntie also has a strong photography interest. Which means I won’t be the only one pestering this little man with my camera!

Jace 6


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