Fresh 48 follows in the footsteps of Birth Photography. I do not do birth photography for a variety of reasons. But I love the idea of Fresh 48.

The purpose of a Fresh 48 is to captures some of the first moments in a new family’s life. They take place where the little one was born and look at some of those first (or almost first) moments.

With my sister-in-law being pregnant I am taking advantage of it and trying all the sessions I would love to do, including this one.

When I asked she thought it was a great idea, as pictures are not always on her mind.

She went into the hospital on a Thursday morning and was there for two days. My husband and I decided to go visit her to keep her company. However when we arrived at the hospital she was no longer in the room. As we were going to leave my mother-in-law arrived and let us know that the baby was being born right then. We decided we would wait around 😉

Page 1

Just by chance I was there to capture some of the very firsts. Mom holding son and some of the grandparents each holding their first grandchild. (This little man was the first grandchild on both sides).

Page 2Page 3

We left the new family to get some rest and I came back the next day to capture a few more moments. It was fantastic as the new mom was spending the  first long chunk of time with her little boy. My how quickly we attach to these little ones.

Page 4Page 5

Dad is so happy to be a new dad, although by the end he was quite tired himself.

Page 6

They are now settled in at home and starting their new life.

Next up will be the newborn session from home 😉 Can’t wait!!!

  1. Leslie says:

    Love the photos!

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