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My husband looked at the weather forecast and let me know that his dad and him were going to take the snowmobiles out that Sunday and did I want to come out to his sister’s farm.

I said I would. It is an animal haven out there.

And then I started to think… Natalie, my sister in law, is pregnant and a horsey person. As soon as I had the idea I sent her a message…. Want to do a horsey themed maternity session? Instant excitement! Then it started to snow during the week. What a perfect setting!!

We made our way out there and Nat and I set out to collect a horse. She decided she wanted to use Thor a team horse that is rather skiddish with most people. However Nat has been working with him and we wanted to use his beauty!

“We” (Nat I stood and watched and took pictures) haltered Thor up and went out to the field.

He was great to work with and Nat looked beautiful with him. She is a true animal person and you can see her energy with animals in these shots!

When we were done with Thor Nat took him down into the field because she has wanted a shot of just him since she moved out there. I have been trying to get it, but he either won’t come near me or his girlfriends are always around. She released him while I hid in the trees and I was able to capture the shot I have been trying to get for over a year!

We spent some time with just Nat, her baby bump (my nephew to be Jace) and of course the dogs were all in on that.

She also had to get an image of her with her first baby Rudie. But it would have taken way to much time to get individuals with all the dogs, so we just stuck with Rudie 😉

Nat also had a 1 month old foal there so I HAD to get some images of him too 🙂

Enjoy and feel free to leave some love!