What’s In A Name?

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Some understand where my company name came from, and some still may be wondering. To begin with I have always loved the rain and storm watching. However a few years ago I came across a quote that said “If its going to rain are you going to dance in it or just get wet?”
I took this to heart as you always have a choice on how you act, the whole when the world give you lemons thing.

When I started this journey I took a few different names, as I wanted to try to keep myself slightly separated from my teaching career. I settled on Dance in the Rain Photography, because there is nothing more beautiful then seeing someone or a group of people let go and enjoy dancing in the rain.

For those that know my Christmas schedule know it is chaotic as I do my own and help my dad do his. The benefit of this is that I get to choose my yearly Swarovski piece to add to my collection. This year the one I needed was so small that he told me to get a second one. I used to have a scotty dog, but my chain broke years ago and I didn’t have any other Swarovski jewelry, and I decided it was time to get another piece. I looked and looked and settled on a necklace.

I didn’t really think about the choice, it was just what suited my style the best.SONY DSC It took me a bit but looking in the mirror one day I realized the significance. I didn’t even occur to me that I had chosen a rain cloud.


This necklace has only come off once since I received it (to take the pictures) and it is a symbol not only of my company but of the way I choose to live my life. Many bad things will always come upon us, but how we respond to them makes the difference.


I choose to Dance in the Rain! What do you choose?


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