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Some understand where my company name came from, and some still may be wondering. To begin with I have always loved the rain and storm watching. However a few years ago I came across a quote that said “If its going to rain are you going to dance in it or just get wet?”
I took this to heart as you always have a choice on how you act, the whole when the world give you lemons thing.

When I started this journey I took a few different names, as I wanted to try to keep myself slightly separated from my teaching career. I settled on Dance in the Rain Photography, because there is nothing more beautiful then seeing someone or a group of people let go and enjoy dancing in the rain.

For those that know my Christmas schedule know it is chaotic as I do my own and help my dad do his. The benefit of this is that I get to choose my yearly Swarovski piece to add to my collection. This year the one I needed was so small that he told me to get a second one. I used to have a scotty dog, but my chain broke years ago and I didn’t have any other Swarovski jewelry, and I decided it was time to get another piece. I looked and looked and settled on a necklace.

I didn’t really think about the choice, it was just what suited my style the best.SONY DSC It took me a bit but looking in the mirror one day I realized the significance. I didn’t even occur to me that I had chosen a rain cloud.


This necklace has only come off once since I received it (to take the pictures) and it is a symbol not only of my company but of the way I choose to live my life. Many bad things will always come upon us, but how we respond to them makes the difference.


I choose to Dance in the Rain! What do you choose?



This is my first year in review post.
I am already looking forward to my first full year, but am amazed at how far I have already come this year.

I started with looking at just doing animals. I was taking photos of my two dogs, and started to play with some real photo techniques. During this time I started to think that many people love their pets, and I wanted to mix my love of photography and animals and offer it to people.

In my process I asked my niece to model for me and that sparked my passion for lifestyle photography. From there I did some sessions with a variety of families.
I also had the opportunity to do an Alice in Wonderland shoot, which has been a favorite book of mine since grade 3! This was fantastic and hopefully I can continue this series through out this year.

I have continued to grow and learn throughout the rest of the year. I have learnt so many techniques and styles and can’t wait to learn more in the next year.

Thank you to all of those that supported me this year, including my family, friends and fans!

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite shots from this year.