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I was asked to do a Dark Alice in Wonderland shoot and as soon as we decided on it I was rolling. I had so many ideas for my first concept shoot that I started right away planning and collecting things.

Alice is one of my favorite stories, and couldn’t wait to get it done!

I was going to do a story blog post, but decided to try a video to get the story across instead. There is no sound with the video, but hopefully there is enough story to keep it going! Enjoy!

Click Here to See the Video!!



I was asked to do the photos for a dark Alice themed shoot. As Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorites I took to this right away. I had a such a great time on this shoot and can’t wait to get the whole story up. But for now, here is a peek at what we did!

One Fall Day

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This family contacted me looking because, like so many people, they realized they didn’t have any recent photos of the whole family.

I was asked to find a pretty, natural fall area; preferably with hay bales. It took a while, but while driving past a spot I drive by everyday, I noticed a perfect area; lots of trees, haybales and open field. I was worried that the bales would be gone by the time we made it there, but we were safe. We had some great fun with the bales!

The day was chilly and cool, but we made the most of it.

The girls had some fun while everyone watched on.

There was a beautiful walkway area that we found as we walked away from the haybales.

Isn’t this a beautiful family???

There were some great trees and field and extra haybales that made for some really great shots!

We had a wonderful afternoon dispite the weather we made had a great time and enjoyed the afternoon.


This wonderful family has had a fantastic few years. They met, fell in love and welcomed a wonderful little girl into their life.

They drove out to a wonderful new park in Spruce Grove and we started. Little Baileigh did have some timbits that she almost refused

to put down, but they ended up being a good distraction for her.








This family is full of love and caring. They were nothing but smiles every time they looked at one another.

It was such a wonderful time dropping these photos off. As soon as they saw their photobook they were ecstatic! They were incredibly happy with the results and it was an honor to be the one who was able to capture their moments for them.  I am so happy I had the opportunity to work with them and can’t wait to watch this sweet little girl grow!