Macro Photography – RTS Photo Challenge

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

A challenge was put out Rock The Shot to experiment with Macro and see what the best image is you can get. Macro is when you get up close to an object.  I spent an afternoon at the lake seeing just what I could capture. Here are some of the images.

Some High Bush Cranberries. This plant is about 5 years old and this is the first sign of fruit on the plant.

 Then came the sunflower that ended up having a bumblebee on it. There are a few of the “You know your a photographer if…” pictures going around….one of the points is if you would normally run from an insect but when trying to get a macro shot, you’ll get closer than you ever have. Yup, proved that point!
Next came the eyes. I am a sucker when it comes to eyes, I love taking shots of them. These are some of the nicer ones. One of them even has a good reflection of me…can you see it?










And then there were the Fuzzy Wuzzys. I have no idea what their name is, but I love them and always have. They are a sign of summer for me.  








This next image was one of the first ones I took once my camera was out. On the porch at my dad’s, he has plastic windows so that the wind doesn’t blow in. He pointed out the Fuzzy Wuzzy on the plastic. I love this shot. It makes him look like he is floating!










This month was a really tough decision as to which one to pick. I really wanted to pick the floating Fuzzy Wuzzy, but decided to go with the Billie eye.  (The one without me in it).




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